Hypnosis & Therapy Solutions of Fairfax

About Me

I have now, more than thirty years in the helping people business, and I am still going strong.

After graduating from American University, specializing in Criminal Justice, I began working with adolescents and I worked in group homes, shelter homes, and detention centers. Next, I moved on to be a juvenile probation officer, primarily in Fairfax County. After 10 years working with youth I returned to school, at the University of Maryland at Baltimore and got a Master’s Degree in Social Work. I continued to work with Fairfax County, now in the community mental health environment. Working for the Community Services Board.  I started in the Youth and Family program, returned to juvenile detention as a mental health therapist, then transferred to work in the Older Adults program and finished my career with the County, working in the Adult Out-patient program.

Along the way I began my private practice in 1990 and worked in Employee Assistance Programs. I also did a variety of specialized trainings in
Family Systems Therapy, Gestalt and Object Relations Therapy, Couples Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused therapy.

After more than twenty years with Fairfax County government services I moved on to become a school social worker also in Fairfax County. From here I went into Substance Abuse Treatment where I did 3 years of out patient treatment work in Pr. William County, VA.

During the last 10 years however I have been more and more focused on my private practice, and working in the corporate, Employee Assistance domain. In particular I have increasingly developed my
hypnosis skills and have found it both fascinating and productive. Now, adding this approach to the variety of other methods I have learned it has it has become a very effective tool.

The best part of being a therapist, is that there are so many different areas of application and so many varieties of solutions to offer people seeking help. This gives my practice a great opportunity to be creative and as such, I readily continue my energy and enthusiasm for the work. Every individual brings a unique story and new twist on their struggles, to be solved.
I look forward to hearing from and supporting you in becoming the best self you can be.