Hypnosis & Therapy Solutions of Fairfax


I can provide:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Parenting / Family Therapy

  • Consultations to Organizations, Community Groups

  • Trainings: Emotional Intelligence, Healthy Mental Health, Healthy Life Style, Stress Management                

General Areas of Concern Addressed:
  • Depression to include: stress management, anger management
  • Anxiety Reduction To Include:

    • panic attacks, PTSD

    • phobias: heights, bridges, flying

    • habits, nail biting, smoking cessation


      • hypnosis, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, breathing techniques,
        mindfulness meditation                                                                         

Performance Improvement:
  • Test taking, public speaking, theatre and sports performance
  • Substance Abuse Treatment to involve: abstinence and Group Treatment

To schedule an appointment or get more information please call me at: 703 914-1082 (New Horizons Psych Services)